/Cosmos Mainnet Officially Launched – What’s All the Hype About?

Cosmos Mainnet Officially Launched – What’s All the Hype About?


Underscoring that blockchain development takes time, after five years of work, Cosmos started its mainnet yesterday. This leads to an essential question–what is Cosmos any way?

What Exactly Is Cosmos?

A project developed under the assumption that there should be too many blockchains since there are online applications.

The focus is on delivering the industry a system of interoperable blockchains that are scalable and independent. By these means, Cosmos claims to fix the”hardest block chain issues.”

The team believes that blockchains shouldn’t more be”siloed” or even powerless to communicate with one another. Their system eliminates this particular problem and the basis of the new market. How?

Cosmos Mainnet

5 Years in the Making

Cosmos was imagined in 2014 if Jae Kwon noted that the:

Safety-favoring character of classical Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus calculations would allow us to utilize proof Stake (PoS) for Sybil immunity in a public block chain circumstance without needing outside origins of pseudorandomness.

He was subsequently joined 12 months after by Ethan Buchman. They put about their search to prove a secure public block-chain may utilize the BFT system running on evidence of Stake. Also also to accomplish this, they established the Cosmos Hub, which officially established yesterday.


The Objective is to Give infrastructure and a programmer hub which ’s robust, and scalable–Without the Need for Proof Work:

The vision is to enable communication and connectivity among 1000s of cryptocurrency systems, allowing the system to scale without utilizing Proof-of-Work.

The duo developed Tendermint Core as a BFT consensus engine to provide the very first layer for any PoS block-chain to build on.

According to the group, Cosmos SDK is fairly like Ruby on Rails or Django for Block-chain. It’s allegedly simple to use and allows developers to customize their own DApps for their enterprise.

A Few Facts Which Give Cosmos Credibility

The Cosmos Hub block-chain marks the very initial people BFT block chain using PoS–which ’s a business record.

It’s also backed by several major names, including investors like Paradigm, and Bain Capital. The Swiss Interchain Foundation (ICF) is also collaborating on R&D together using the project.

Why Cosmos Can Be another Sh*tcoin

Cosmos assures in its post which its job is quickly expanding. However there isn’t any signs of this just yet. The project took five years into the future to life and it is going to be a time longer before its lofty claims can be confirmed, particularly in the actual world.

Additionally, until the handful of validators on its own testnets and 80 so developers who”have indicated they are building” software with Cosmos SDK have begun providing feedback, it could be too ancient for Cosmos to announce the conclusion of its vision because the “Internet of Blockchains” merely yet.

Do you imagine Cosmos can meet its promise? Share your ideas below!

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