/Crypto tweets of the day – 13-May-2019

Crypto tweets of the day – 13-May-2019

Crypto Twitter is the place where many funny posts and memes are float around and keep us entertained. Below are some of the most interesting tweets of the day.

Someone new to the crypto space sends by mistake his Bitcoin to an Ethereum wallet. Consequently, he loses all coins. One crypto enthusiast Cryptonator warns people to be careful and not to send their Bitcoin to Ethereum wallets.

Bitcoin trading volume hit $29 billion yesterday – highest in its history.

Riccardo Spagni couldn’t attend the Magical Crypto Conference 2019, but he was present there interacting with the people using the remote robot monitor.

Below tweet is hilarious and self-explanatory.

They brought the real bull at the Magical Crypto Conference 2019. Rodolfo Novak funnily tweeted that he wants to sacrifice it for a Sunday BBQ.

Venezuelan currency Bolivar lying scattered all over the place, and below tweet says that it will be the future of fiat.

Google searches for Bitcoin picked up significantly last week and below tweet highlights that.

Jameson Lopp is a Bitcoin developer and he retweeted his old 2015 post where he mentions the vicious cycle that returns every time we enter the bull market. r/bitcoin subreddit will be filled with posts about price predictions, that will be picked up by mainstream media. This triggers the ignorant speculator to buy the top, and subsequent sell-off follows.

The above are a few interesting tweets, but there are lot many things happening on Crypto Twitter, keeping us entertained and at the same time enlightened.

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