/Weekly roundup April 15 – April 19

Weekly roundup April 15 – April 19

This week, crypto saw bitcoin remain mostly in the low $5,000s, as various headlines rolled in regarding IOST, Bitcoin SV and more. Catch up on the details!

ZEIP-31 | Proposal for ‘leveling playing field across all’ 0x protocol-based assets

Exclusive: IOST CEO Jimmy Zhong discusses current trends in dApp development

The Internet of Services Token (IOST) platform posted significant activity recently in the realm of transactions. Essentially a blockchain-based network used for creating scalable dApps, the platform posted 580,231 transactions on April 6 this year, according to a press release given to Crypto Insider.

For the first time ever, IOST beat out Ethereum for transactions on April 6, with ETH seeing only 558,272 movements.

IOST has a considerable number of participants, tallying 213,000 live accounts. The platform is also a young one, as it saw its mainnet launch about one month ago.

Additionally, IOST’s management team has decided to partner “with Ehang, a Chinese autonomous vehicle, or self-driving automobile manufacturer,” Crypto Insider added.

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OKEx Sticks With Bitcoin SV, Crypto Community Still Divided

Top global crypto exchange Binance delisted bitcoin SV (BSV), thus creating significant commotion in the crypto space. Another top exchange, OKEx, went a different route, deciding not to remove the asset from its ranks.

In an April 16 statement, OKEx wrote, “BSV currently does not meet our delisting criteria. As such, OKEx has no intention to delist BSV for the time being.”

The exchange said it looked over the asset thoroughly, evaluating liquidity, compliance and technology development.

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BitMEX CEO mentions future plans to Venture Coinist Luke Martin

Cryptopia: the Thrill and the Agony

Cryptopia reportedly has resumed certain operations. The exchange sustained a sizeable hack, revealed to users in January of 2019.

A lack of clarity surrounded the hack, as users wondered about details of the event. The New Zealand police even swept in to conduct an investigation on the situation. Crypto firm Elementus tallied $16 million in crypto funds lost from the incident. Further funds even were stolen after the initial attack.

March 5 saw Cryptopia re-open its site, but for viewing purposes only, showing everything as it was prior to the hack. The exchange urged users to reset passwords and undergo other security measures while the website was still in read-only mode.

In a March 18 tweet, Cryptopia announced the resumption of 40 trading pairs. On April 15, in continued pursuit of reopening its operation, the exchange announced opening deposits and withdrawals for a few big name assets.

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This week, Crypto Insider also posted interviews with Hungarian software developer NoparaeToro founder Yoni Assia and Security Token Academy director of strategy Derek Schloss.


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